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Often things are as bad as they seem.

Even so, some of the time it’s possible to enjoy life as it is.

If you stubbornly refuse to mourn your losses, you get depressed.

Revenge is a form of nostalgia.

Suicide can be a case of mistaken identity.

You cry out in anguish, “Why me?” God answers: “Why not?”

After all, it’s only pain.

Everything is difficult at first.

I have never begun any important venture for which I felt adequately prepared.

Not everything worth doing is worth doing well.

Without knowing for sure what’s right or wrong, take your best shot.

Control is an illusion.

Complaining can become a way of boasting about how much suffering you can endure.

If we allow pain more attention than it requires, we miss some opportunities for joy.

Escape is not a dirty word. None of us can face what’s happening head-on all of the time

There’s nothing to figure out. Life is not about anything.

The answers keep changing. The questions remain the same.

We don’t have to talk to pass the time. The time will pass in any case.

It helps to know that everyone is in the same situation. It helps, but not a whole lot.

Unable to get our own way, often we settle for trying to prevent other people from getting their way.

By now, I’m no longer interested in whether or not someone really loves me. I’ll settle for being treated well.

We must try to live a just life in an unjust world.


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