Individual Therapy

Study and Diagnosis

Initial sessions with either Barbara or Eugene allow a person exploring the need for help to gain an experience of their anxieties and concerns in the presence of a therapist. Shared observations of candidate and therapist then identify any trouble, personality resources and recommendations for a treatment plan. Evidence-based therapy makes very clear that a person seeking therapy knows intuitively what work must be done to heal. The test for the therapist is recognize and respond to this truth.

The seekers comfort with the therapist is essential and would be clarified during this study. A study period is usually 3 sessions with no further commitment to continued treatment.

At the conclusion of this series therapist and the interested person reach a recommendation for therapy, if needed, with one of us or on referral to an appropriate colleague.

Confidentiality is a strict ground rule in this and all services we provide.

Individual Psychotherapy

Assessments often show indication for short or long-term individual psychotherapy, which is a backbone of the work and available with either Eugene or Barbara.

This work establishes and maintains a deeply healing context of relationship between patient and therapist. The safety inherent in this relation allows wounds and traumas of long or short standing to be recognized and addressed with repair and recovery. One finds in the therapeutic context an emergence from difficult conflicts of early life or more simply a release from influences which have inhibited the full freedom and vitality of ones authentic self. One can move beyond any false selves which have been constructed to protect the tender and vulnerable self deep within, allowing for the healthy and robust person to come into the light.

Persons in time typically reach points of completion for a portion of the therapeutic endeavor and may terminate or recommit to newly discovered goals for the therapy.

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