Group Psychotherapy

Group Psychotherapy, Mixed Gender and Men’s Groups

Group psychotherapy most closely replicates our experience in life as we live and move in relationship and within groups. Whereas one speaks about one’s issues in one-on-one therapy, one lives one’s issues in group therapy!

When timely as the treatment of choice, group therapy is a most productive choice for a patient. A dynamic crucible is provided wherein old and dysfunctional ways of being give way to healthier and more fulfilling outcomes for one’s current way of being, especially in current relationships in life. One has greater leverage and therapeutic benefit with both fellow patients and therapists and can move the healing process at a faster pace.

Barbara and Eugene offer options in two long-term mixed gender groups which meet weekly. Eugene offers two men’s groups in co-therapy with Bob Berley, Ph.D.

A person currently in treatment with another therapist in the community may inquire with one of us as to openings in a group so long as this would be appropriate in the eyes of the primary therapist.


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