What’s the trouble?

You may seek therapy for anxiety, depression or questions of self esteem. We especially treat persons and couples dealing with conflict, intimacy, divorce, grief and loss in a marriage or other intimate relationship. Changes in work, life style, personal direction and meaning are also very appropriate occasions for seeking therapy as well as feeling lonely or out-of-sorts or angry or confused or lacking confidence or needing to unload or somehow unable to take a needed step.

How do I start?

Initial appointments may be made by calling Barbara Kidder at (206) 525-3044 or Eugene Kidder at (206) 525-7530. At this meeting you may gain a sense whether one of us is an appropriate choice for you, and we gain a sense of your needs, wants and strengths. This often leads to a 3-session study period, leading to a commonly agreed-upon diagnosis and treatment plan.

Where are you located?

We practice in an apartment setting near Children's Hospital in Seattle at 4001 N.E. 50th Street, Suite J.One reaches the office by driving east on N.E. 45th, turning north on 40th N.E. until reaching N.E. 50th. Turn right, park on the north side of N.E. 50th (free parking). Walk across to Suite J. You can see a Google Map of our location on the Contact Us page.

How does this therapy work?

A person entering treatment knows unconsciously who he or she really is and what work must be done to heal. The therapist honors and embraces this deeper self-knowledge of the patient. Based on the alliance with the therapist, the person in therapy can then go beyond the Òfalse selvesÓ, the masks designed to protect the tender and vulnerable real person underneath, yet which have left one estranged from self. In a new and passionate way, the authentic man or woman re-emerges and the curses of negative and destructive beliefs which have been superimposed are lifted. This healing work cannot be done alone. For individual psychotherapy the relationship with the therapist is the linchpin. Couples benefit profoundly from the presence of another (the therapist) or sometimes two others (two therapists). Group therapy is a most effective mode, providing the dynamic crucible in which old ways of being with others are repaired, corrected, and given a satisfying and fulfilling outcome for current relationships in life.

How long will this take?

Length of treatment is a unique question. There is an inner knowing you will have, to be tested with your therapist and subject to review at points along the way. Both short and long-term therapies are available.

How do I join a group that is in progress?

Upon receiving your request a therapist will invite the co-therapist to join a session in which we can determine together your readiness for group work and the choice of group among options available. In this session the terms of work in group will be spelled out for you to consider before you make a commitment.

What are the fees? Do you take insurance?

Group sessions are $80 for a two-hour group with two therapists. Insurance is rarely an option but can be discussed.

Puget Sound Group Psychotherapy Network